Based on your given expected finish time, you will be assigned to a section. Late registrants will be placed in the last section. Your starting number will indicate which starting grid you are assigned to.

On the 10 km you can use the services of pacers, who will guide you to a predetermined finish time. These “hares” are clearly recognizable because they run with a backpack with a recognizable beach flag pinned on it. They run at the following target times: 45, 50, 53, 56, 58 and 62 minutes.

Each kilometer run is indicated on signs along the course: at the 10 km these are white signs with blue letters/numbers.

A healthy start to the afternoon!

Start of the Aartsen 10 km performance run is at 12:40 p.m. You will be divided into different sections, and your time will start running as soon as you cross the starting line.

Start location: Claudius Prinsenlaan (near the City Office).

The finish is on the Grote Markt, after which participants are directed to the runners’ quarter on the Kasteelplein. They can then leave this via the back, towards park Valkenberg or via Cingelstraat towards Haven.

This is what your Aartsen 10 km looks like!

Register now! As a participant of the Aartsen 10 km Performance Run, you will receive the official Singelloop starting number with your own name and the unique Singelloop medal. You will also receive the digital after-magazine in the mail.

Costs for participation in the Aartsen 10 km Performance Run are €18.00.

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