The Talent Run is a competitive part of the 5 km for all athletes with a competition license from the Athletics Union or a foreign athletics federation.

There will be runs in the competition categories:

• Women and men U18
• Women and men U20
• Women and men U23

Invitation and travel expenses

To qualify for an invitational (free start number) and allowance for travel expenses (public transportation or mileage reimbursement), the following limits apply:
• Women U18 < 20.00
• Women U20 < 19.00
• Women U23 < 18.00
• Men. U18 < 16.30
• Men. U20 < 15.30
• Men. U23 < 15.00

Register now! As a participant of the 5 km Talent Run you will receive the official Singelloop starting number with your own name and the unique Singelloop medal. You will also receive the digital aftermagazine by email.

Cost for participation in the 5 km Talent Run is € 15.00.

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