The board of the foundation consists of a team of volunteers. The board members are supported by a number of volunteers, who serve on various committees to prepare for the Breda Singelloop.

The Bredase Singelloop Foundation aims to encourage running and performance in a cozy and burgundian environment, by organizing the most attractive running event in the Netherlands.

The importance of sports for individuals and society is great. Sport provides fun and relaxation and contributes to people’s development.

Sport is mind-expanding, improves concentration, self-discipline and provides opportunities to develop and maintain social networks.

Children who sport and exercise more often are less likely to become (too) fat, older people stay fit and vital longer if they maintain an active lifestyle.

Stichting de Bredase Singelloop wants to contribute to this by stimulating a healthy lifestyle. We want to realize this by offering a platform to sporting Breda and its surroundings.

The AMGEN Singelloop Breda: where sport and conviviality go hand in hand!

The Singelloop Breda. We do it together.

Stichting De Bredase Singelloop organizes an annual professional and international running event of allure, the AMGEN Singelloop Breda. A street run through the historic center of Breda, along the beautiful canals and striking buildings and with the finish on the Grand Place. The AMGEN Singelloop Breda takes place every year on the 1st Sunday in October.

The AMGEN Singelloop Breda has various parts: 5 km and 10 km Walking & Wheeling, 5 km performance run, 10 km performance run, the half marathon race and performance run and the family run.

In addition, a Business Run is also organized where the regional business community participates in teams in the above components with the exception of the 10 km Walking & Wheeling.

The Breda Singelloop has become the largest one-day event of the city of Breda. A fantastic event that has developed into a sports event with around 20,000 participants and 85,000 visitors annually and is still growing every year.

The Singelloop Breda distinguishes itself from all other runs by its cozy, cheerful and burgundian atmosphere and ambiance, thanks in part to the many bands, mop bands, DJs and samba bands along the course.

Already in the 1940s, people were running hard on the Breda canals. But after the race in 1950, the street run disappeared from Breda.

Many years later, it was run over Breda’s cobblestones again. From the athletics track at Sprint, a new running event was organized through the Mastbos (Bouvignedreef) over 10 English Miles. Due to a lack of growth, a new alternative was sought.

A new street run starts in 1986

Influenced by the successful street runs in The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, among others, a group of initiators wanted to restore the Breda Singelloop to its former glory.

And so the first Singelloop Breda was organized in 1986. A total of 1,273 women and men got moving on the half marathon. And from that year on, an upward trend began that continues until today!